The Krom Rivier hike just outside Worcester
Krom Rivier hike just outside Worcester
Krom Rivier Hike
Fine water falls
The pool at the end of the hike
Taking a dip at the hike's midpoint
Rock scrabblers
Water fall ledges
Purple flowers
Mountains above Krom Rivier
Happy hikers
Water pools abound
Women and chains
More women, more chains
Mmm.. succulent
Tired hikers
University of the Western Cape
The Free Software Innovation Unit where I volunteered for...
The FSIU crew - Kevin, Jimmy, Serge, Megan, Ashok, Faghad...
Ryan giving a presentation
Jimmy and MD
The reprobate braai crew
Friday afternoon sunny nap
Ryan, MD and Jessie
Linda, Ryan's hand and MD on the way to Worcester in Jo's...
2 days of music later...
Subtle advertising
Hippy market
South African patriot
MD by the river
Worcester vineyards
The beach at Arniston
Sand dunes at Arniston
Dom and Gina in the dunes
Dom, Steve and Graham share an elevated moment
Martin the braaimaster
Steven chilling
Graham, chilling even more
Steve, Gina and the cow lamp

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