Disk Usage Inspector
A sound effect generator
Hard Drive Check (HDCK)
Educational Solar System model
SSH client for Android
SSH client for Android
Screenshot tool
Unknown Horizons
Internet Arcade
Nintendo DS emulator
ccrisan/motioneyeos · GitHub Mega Mario
briss - Browse Files at
PDF utility
Remmina - The GTK Remote Desktop Client
Multi-protocol remote desktop client
Phatch = PHoto & bATCH!: Welcome!
Chocolate Doom wiki
0 A.D. | A free, open-source game of ancient warfare
Open source transport tycoon deluxe clone
OpenRA - Home
Dingoo Digital A320 | The unofficial english support site
xwax: Digital vinyl on Linux
Gone Home: A Story Exploration Video Game
TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption Software for Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X and Linux
tmate • Instant terminal sharing
Truly Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard
Typing tutor
Data Crow's Nest
Great tutorial post on Linux's sort command
SSH tunnel
a utility to split mp3 and ogg vorbis files selecting a begin and an end time position, without decoding.
A simple embeddable restful JMX console
Media player
penetration testing tool for finding vulnerabilities in web applications
Home – FatRat Download Manager
Download manager
Maven profiler
Wrapper for doing command line process execution from Java
Using slf4j with logback
Music Player
Log file viewer
Video converter
Subtitle editor
Glances - system monitor
Video downloader (YouTube etc,)
Good rant on start-up culture
The 10 commandments of good source control management | Javalobby
jnaerator - Project Hosting on Google Code
JNAerator - Native C / C++ / Objective-C libraries come to Java !
jetlang - Google Code
Message based concurrency for Java
Vanilla #Java
Understanding how Core Java really works can help you write simpler, faster applications.
Jetty/Tutorial/HttpClient - Eclipsepedia
Aysnchronous http client library for Java
AsyncHttpClient/async-http-client - GitHub
Asychronous HTTP client for Java
luckyBackup - backup and sync utility
GUI for rsync
morgueFile free photos for creatives by creatives
Why Your Links Should Never Say "Click Here" | Smashing UX Design
Converts linux file system types
SANS: Information and Computer Security Resources
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist
Meet The New Boss, Worse Than The Old Boss? -Full Post | The Trichordist
Good rant about the state of the digital music business
What makes a good engineering culture? - Quora
PHP: a fractal of bad design - fuzzy notepad
Thrift: The Missing Guide
Computer wallpapers /
Zero Dollar Laptop Workshops
MP3 tag manipulation package for Python 3
Python multimedia tagging library
Computer recycling and refurbishment charity.
Are You Using The Full Power Of Spring For Your Dependency Injection Needs?
Stress tester for IO operations
Tool for selectively displaying lines in a really large files
Leaving blog post from dan
MegaGlest - The Free and Open Source 3D Real-Time Strategy ...
Top 20 OpenSSH Server Best Security Practices
Ubuntu Tweak - Let's rock with Ubuntu
Extra config for Ubuntu
NetHogs: What program is using that bandwidth?
Goggles Music Manager
Komparator project page
Compares folders and finds duplicates, missing files etc.
MP3 Diags
USBManager in Launchpad
SoundConverter - GNOME Sound Conversion
FoxClocks :: Add-ons for Firefox
Shows time in various places in the world in FF
Unison File Synchronizer
Like rsync, but bidirectional
Steel Storm: Burning Retribution, a brilliant top-down action ...
PDF Labs: Tools, Services and Code for PDF Users and Programmers
Open source anti-theft solution for Mac, PCs & Phones – Prey
Java Data Persistence with Hibernate and JPA Annotations - Book, Tutorials, Training, CBTs, Videos and Best Practices. Using the Java Persistence API
Site with good articles and links to hibernate resources, tutorials etc.
Graphite - Enterprise Scalable Realtime Graphing - Graphite
Highly Scalable Java
Liquibase | Database Refactoring | home
DB migration and change control tool
alphaWorks : Word-Cloud Generator : Overview
The MessagePack Project
Spotify Technology: How Spotify Works | Pansentient League - a Spotify Blog
Escape The City - Do Something Different!
Lynch, Guide to Grammar and Style — Contents
English style guide
LGames - Linux Games
gET iT i sAY, giis - ext3 File Undelete Tool
» Viewing the MANIFEST.MF from a jar in a single command The Thought Circus
OGMRip - Welcome to the OGMRip website
DVD ripper
DirSync Pro
Kernel Panic - Spring
Java app for sampling databases to generate subsets of date for testing
Submitting a book review to Slashdot
Guide to submitting a book review to Slashdot
Doom clones and ports
0 A.D. :: Wildfire Games
Real-time strategy
Code : Cuneiform for Linux
Optical character recognition
Computer Aid
Donate your computers to charity
Eye Alpha
Java OCR
Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe
Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe
The GNU Awk User's Guide "
About | Video converter for Linux
Video transcoder
Yoshinori Matsunobu's blog: Using MySQL as a NoSQL - A story for exceeding 750,000 qps on a commodity server
Don't Let Hibernate Steal Your Identity - O'Reilly Media
Home - iT4Communities
jdbcgrabber - Project Hosting on Google Code
JDBC spy
Oxon Hoath
Retreat with massage, yoga, meditation etc.
Webcam utility
DealExtreme: Cool Gadgets at the Right Price - Site-Wide Free Shipping (Page 1)
Using Eclipse Better | JavaWorld's Daily Brew
Code: Flickr Developer Blog » Ticket Servers: Distributed Unique Primary Keys on the Cheap
Coder-friendly - Java Collections Cheatsheet – v2
Parental Advisory Manual: Natasha Desborough: Books
TuneChecker - Compare Cheap MP3 download single and album prices
UMIT | Homepage
Network scanning tool
Main Page - Globulation2
get-flash-videos - Project Hosting on Google Code
A command line program to download flash videos - Projects - Arista Transcoder
Transcoding GUI
PeaZip download free RAR 7Z TAR ZIP extraction
Swiss army knife of file compression
AutoScan-Network : Free Network Scanner
INSERT (english pages)
Linux rescue toolkit
Meet the GIMP
Gimp tutorials
Kid3 - ID3 Tagger
Minirok homepage
Lightweight music player
OpenPrinting | The Linux Foundation
List of supported Linux printers
Subtitles - download DivX subtitles from the biggest open subtitles database
SMPlayer - General Info
Computer Aid International
Donate computers to charity, North London
PDRoms News
Public domain roms
Final Page
PDF Manipulation
Graphical diff tool
PC Recycler Blackpool Computer re use
Property for sale, houses, new homes | Property to rent, let | House prices - Globrix property search at master from darrellsilver's norc - GitHub
Very similar to citrine - cron functionality etc.
Analyzing Java thread CPU usage on Linux
Location of various tech companies via a google maps mashup
Marketing Recruitment, Operations Recruitment and IT Jobs - ABRS
Status-Q » Blog Archive » SSH ProxyCommand
Simply Drop
OverClocked ReMix - Video Game Music Community
Hibernate Pojo Generator
Ajax: Tools of the trade - JavaWorld
javascript tools
Use ssh on multiple servers at one time
Research tools: information in depth | The Economist |
common solecisms. Economist style guide
The MP3 Store Comparison Guide - your guide to stores that are MP3 100% Compatible
Jobs and executive jobs at
Roundup: Scala for Java Refugees - Code Commit
London CycleStreets: UK Cycle Journey Planner and Photomap
Java is Pass-by-Value, Dammit! - Scott Stanchfield
Transaction strategies: Understanding transaction pitfalls
DebootstrapChroot - Ubuntu Wiki
Discover the world
Travel agency that specialises in iceland
Special Offers - Trailfinders
Have good flight offers to South Africa
PhotoRec - CGSecurity
Recovers files (e.g. photos) from memory cards.
Lorem Ipsum - All the facts - Lipsum generator
Generates random text
Wammu - Gammu GUI |
Mobile phone manager
National Recycling Week - Recycling Statistics and Research: Is Recycling Worth it? - Popular Mechanics
Main Page - Be* Usergroup Technotes
aria2 project
Linux download manager
NcFTP Client
Sample Behavorial Interviewing Questions
youtube-dl: Download videos from
Arbee’s WIP Emporium » SDLHome x.y.z - the SDLMAME Homepage
Home of SDLMame, SDLMess and other emulators
Userspace Software Suspend
Suspend linux (a.k.a. uswsusp in apt) :: Do-it-yourself Konqueror commands
xmltool - Google Code
Java API for processing XML
Stack Overflow
code questions search engine
Coding Horror
coding blog
HTML scraper which gives links to all content linked from a page
Efficient data transfer through zero copy
PDF Split and Merge
PDF Split and Merge tool
Home of tux type - typing tutor
What Would the Perfect Streaming Music Service Look Like? - ReadWriteWeb
(the eff-bot guide to) The Standard Python Library
Wunschdenken » Spring
Reloadable properties in spring
soundamus - New and upcoming releases for user massdosage
Audio editing tool
Songbird Media Player
iMacros for Firefox - Script your Firefox Web Browser
I Hear U (IHU) Project Homepage
VorbisHardware - XiphWiki
Ogg Vorbis capable hardware (portable players etc)
Toribash - Violence Perfected
Music visualisation software
Typhoon 2001 - Overview
.docx DOCX Convert Office 2007
Highpoint Lowlife
CheckInstall Homepage
Use instead of "make install" at final step in build process to have a package built which can then be managed via apt etc.
Tool for cleaning up digital images, also a gimp plugin
FEST Documentation | Main: Welcome
Patterns of persistence, Part 2: Increase code reuse and enhance performance
Patterns of persistence, Part 1: Strategies and best practices for modern ORM tools - Java tools, libraries and plug-ins - J2EE tools
Review Board
Code review application
Dark Roasted Blend
Welcome to Travel South Yorkshire
FAQ / memcached
Tectonic » Web design tools for Firefox
13 Awesome Javascript CSS Menus
4WebHelp - Online Tools: Unix Timestamp Converter
How to create stepping slides in Impress at Xaprb
Stepping slides and bullet points howto
OpenProj | Projity
abcTajpu :: Firefox Add-ons
Smart PageRank - check & monitor PR
Filelight | MethylBlue
Graphical file space app
File synchronizer
Bos Wars
Mixxx | Free Digital DJ Software
Video Surveillance With ZoneMinder On Ubuntu | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials
ZoneMinder: Linux Video Camera and CCTV Security with Motion Detection
» Turn your webcam into a security camera in Linux
WebHome < Motion < TWiki
Ubuntu -- webcamd
Ruby and MySQL encoding flakiness · Fingertips
Jasypt: Java simplified encryption - Main
A developer's perspective on Google's Android SDK
Money Saving Expert: Consumer Revenge - Credit Cards, Shopping, Bank Charges, Cheap Flights and more
Open Source Software in Java(tm)
London's favourite shopping streets - Street Sensation!
Ubuntu Tutorials : Dapper - Edgy - Feisty - Gutsy
Public Object: Series Recap: Coding in the small with Google Collections
google-collections - Google Code
How Hard Could It Be?: Five Easy Ways to Fail, Managing Technology Article - Inc. Article
Enterprise Java Community: Introduction to the Spring Framework 2.5
Acegi Security in one hour - Java World
Cheap Calls From Landlines In United Kingdom To landlines in South Africa
Google Code for Educators - Distributed Systems
map reduce
Persistence with EJB 3 without a J2EE application server
Ejb3unit - JUnit Ejb3 out of container testing - JEE 5, Ejb3 testing, Junit testing
Vive - Vive Is Video Encoding
FFmpeg frontend
The Lobo Project: Home of the Lobo Browser and Cobra HTML Rendering Engine
Java Browser
UML Tool for Fast UML Diagrams
Keyboard mapping software for linux
HardwareLiSter - ezIX
Welcome to MusicBrainz! - MusicBrainz
Rockbox - Open Source Jukebox Firmware
VideoDownloader :: Firefox Add-ons
Main Page - Mon Wiki
Program to monitor services, disk space etc. on a linux system and act accordingly
Vector TD - Vector Tower Defence Flash Game by David Scott Learn the Linux command line. Write shell scripts.
rute -- Creating Google Custom Search Engines
Optimizing regular expressions in Java - Java World
JavaWorld Forums: AJAX File Upload Progress Bar using Java and XML
Klavaro - touch typing tutor
Krename: Home
File renamer
Darik's Boot and Nuke (Hard Drive Disk Wipe)
Securely wipe all data
Java internationalization with the Properties Pre-Processor - Java World
JavaWorld Forums: Cycle through with Ctrl+F6,7,8
JavaWorld Forums: More Eclipse tips
Dozer - Dozer
Java bean to bean mapping framework
The ServerSide Interoperability Blog » Mini-Guide: Hibernate and NHibernate
fest - Google Code
Digital Music News — Digital Music News
MySQL Proxy - MySQLForge Wiki
O'Reilly Network -- Getting Started with MySQL Proxy
XML merging made easy - Java World
Modify advanced KDE settings - Linux Hardware Compatibility Lists & Linux Drivers
Linux Compatible - Daily Linux News and Information
Stella: "A multi-platform Atari 2600 VCS emulator"
Main Page - SystemRescueCd
CrossFTP, FTP Client
FTP server and client in Java
The Warzone 2100 Resurrection Project | News
DOFUS :: MMORPG - Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game - Secure Offsite Backups, Offsite Data Storage and Remote Encrypted Filesystems, Offsite Backup · The Interoperable DRM Platform
Photograph of the Week Gallery -
OpenTTD - News » Official Website & Free Download «
Introducing continuous integration - Java World
30 free HTML email templates - Campaign Monitor Extending the ReentrantReadWriteLock
Solio - Portable Hybrid Solar Power Charger
JYaml - Yaml library for the Java language
Java object serialization
Cheap flights - low cost and budget airline specialist in Europe & Australasia
TuxTop, Linux Desktop Systemen | Creating a simple DVD using 'Q' DVD-Author
Linux tip: Bash parameters and parameter expansions | Plotr
Extensions repository - Wiki
Framework/WorkInProgress/Tabbed Windows Extension - Wiki
The Annotation Tool
Bagunk Blog » Top 10 things to do with your Wii while you’re waiting for AAA games.
Freeloader portable solar energy charger | Reg Hardware
JODConverter | Art of Solving | Extending Turning into a document conversion tool | A keyhole for your system's back door
SBD secure back door | Turn your Linux box into a PDF-making machine
Goggles DVD Player
Fast Video Download :: Firefox Add-ons
Addictive Typing Lessons :: Firefox Add-ons
FireFTP :: Firefox Add-ons
Some Recipes to Improve Your Google Web Toolkit Development - Java World
53 CSS-Techniques You Couldn’t Live Without | Smashing Magazine
35 Designers x 5 Questions | Smashing Magazine What's New in JDBC 4.0?
Java Service Wrapper - What is the Java Service Wrapper? | Comparing and merging files with Meld
Forget YouTube: Go To These Sites If You Want Hard Core Copyright Infringing Content
Open Source EAI Written In Java .: Manageability :.
JoSQL - SQL for Java Objects
JSP Hosting, Servlet Hosting, J2EE Hosting
Java object queries using JXPath - Java World
Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software - Table of Contents - The MIT Press
No Margin For Error
5 mobile start pages - Mobile Minute - Download Squad - Best Online Documentaries
Top 10 Greasemonkey scripts to improve your productivity -
Ubuntu Software - Ubuntu Ultimate Edition
Welcome to Battery University
Root Beer - Free cross-platform PowerPoint viewer
SWIXML - Generate javax.swing at runtime based on XML descriptors
:: system76 :: Linux Laptops, Linux Desktops, Linux Servers :: Image I/O Utilities Grab Bag
Free Software Project Management HOWTO
MyVideo - Watch and Share videos the South African way
New features added to Servlet 2.5 - Java World
Social Source Commons
List of software tools that are used by NGOs and NPOs
ted: torrent episode downloader
TV Links
Top 20 Less Known BitTorrent Sites | TorrentFreak
Rhino in Spring
Discover the magic world of software development: GWT-Spring Integration Demistified
Easy Way to run Skype under amd64 (In case you wonder) - Ubuntu Forums
Firebug - Web Development Evolved Ajax Form Validation Using Spring and DWR
Whales Beauty
Home - HermesJMS - Confluence
RabbitMQ - Open Source Enterprise Messaging
Hack A Day
Welcome to ICCO
Lesson: Applets (The Java™ Tutorials > Deployment) - The Technology Place for Nonprofits | Sharing Tools for Nonprofit Technology Support
Using NTP to Maintain Your System Clock - Debian Manual
Debian Administration :: Permitting anonymous read-only access to your CVS repository
How can i make a cvs repository read only when accessing over ssh?? | KnowledgeBase :: Managing Access with CVS - Jobs in Brussels, EU institutions and International Organisations
CharityJOB - No.1 for fundraising jobs and charity jobs, UK charity jobs, housing jobs UK.
Welcome to - Imagine. Connect. Act.
Greenjobs - Renewable Energy Jobs
Environmental Jobs and Volunteering in the UK
Dr. Susan Blackmore
EJB 3.0 Based Web Services | Reg Developer
Java Sound, An Introduction
Java VLC Bindings - Trac
FMJ - Home
Omnividea FOBS - FFMpeg C++ & JMF Bindings
Draw or Discard: A Java Media Application Considered - O'Reilly ONJava Blog
Volkskrantblog - Kort Afrikaans - Terug naar Afrika
Newb problems with java - Ubuntu Forums
Modifying version of java used by ubuntu
AcidRip - DVD ripping in Linux
dvd::rip - A full featured DVD Ripper GUI for Linux, written in Perl
Java « Can’t see nothing but the source code JUnit Reloaded -- Discovering a Java Application's Security Requirements
Ten Web 2.0 APIs you can really use - LinuxWorld
Best Gaming Laptops Custom Gaming Notebook Computers Pink Laptops Colored Laptops Motion Computing Tablet PCs at
Custom Intel Core 2 Duo AMD 64 X2 Gaming PC Laptop Notebook Color
New Ant 1.6 Features for Big Projects
Linux Training, Linux Certification & Linux Laptop |
Using AJAX with Java Technology and Converting a POJO to a Persistent Entity Tech Tips
Retrofit your Web pages for wireless compatibility
CherryPy - Trac - free surveys, free results, free software
GameTab - The Game Reviews & News Compilation Site.
Bluebottle :: spam free email
How to test HTML emails - Campaign Monitor Blog Files
History of Religion
Ease AJAX development with the Google Web Toolkit - Java World
Using Ajax with Prototype | The Register
yEd - Java Graph Editor | CLI Magic: Convert file names to a different encoding with convmv -- I18N Messages and Logging Nuances of the Java 5.0 for-each Loop
Test Categorization Techniques with TestNG XML Manipulation using XMLTask | Bring back deleted files with lsof Integrating Maps into Your Java Web Application with Google Maps and Ajax | CLI Magic: Transform your audio files with SoX
Tactical Technology Collective | demystifying technology
for non-profits
Frozen Bubble - Java port
RETRO REMAKES :: Classic Gaming for the Next Generation
Bandwidth Barn
Outsourcing to Freelance Programmers, Web & Logo Designers, Writers, Illustrators on Elance
IT Jobs
BitTorrent @
BitTorrent Files for [Central Anime] Anime
Japanese Sound effects and what they mean
APT for SuSE howto
PackMan :: home
About Rpmfind.Net WWW Server a.k.a. Rufus.W3.Org - The search engine for Linux rpm and Debian packages | CLI Magic: Make time for crontab
Unix FAQ - Cron
DNS Report
jailkit howto - sftp/scp-only shell in a chroot jail
Main Page - Scponly wiki
Alternative shell that only allows scp and sftp access, no ssh
THC-HYDRA - fast and flexible network login hacker
Advanced Linux Sound Architecture - ALSA | CLI Magic: the word on wget | Tovid: Video authoring simplified | Managing Linux daemons with init scripts | CLI Magic: lsof | Bluetooth and GNU/Linux
XSane - News
SANE - Scanner Access Now Easy
VueScan Scanning Software
Linux USB
Sound & MIDI Software For Linux
Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder
Open Source and Linux Forums
Mandriva Linux tips for free
Linux on Laptops
Linux Newbie Guide by Stan, Peter and Marie Klimas
Welcome! - SmoothWall
GRC | Gibson Research Corporation Home Page
Firewall Builder
Real world case study: Linux thin client savings exceed 37% in just 8 months
Armagetron Advanced :: a Tron clone in 3D
The Linux Game Tome
Microsoft's Sacred Cash Cow (Seattle Weekly)
NewsForge | Sharing files between and Microsoft Office
Migrate apps from Internet Explorer to Mozilla
Technology News: Commentary: Linux vs. Apple: An Uncomfortable Battle
How Microsoft Lost the API War - Joel on Software
The table of equivalents / replacements / analogs of Windows software in Linux. (Official site of the table)
NewsForge | Case Study: Hentzenwerke Publishing switches to Linux
Home [The Wireless FAQ]
O'Reilly Network: Wireless DevCenter
Java ME Open Source Software
J2ME : Java ME : MicroDevNet : Developer
Gammu:Main Page - wiki J2ME Archive
Ajax for Java developers: Build dynamic Java applications
Call JavaBean methods from JSP 2.0 pages - Java World
jsolait - Trac
CSS, Accessibility and Standards Links
CSS Color Chart
Complete CSS Guide - Cascading style sheets reference - Contents
Public Object: Stupid Bash Tricks: Find a file in a pile of jars
Struts-Layout - Taglib for easy interface creation for Struts
Welcome to freeware and shareware download home of SyncEdit
DWR - Easy AJAX for JAVA | Getahead
Active FTP vs. Passive FTP, a Definitive Explanation
Database query tool - Aqua Data Studio is the query analyzer that works with Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MySQL and more.
AjaxTags: Home
Umbrello UML Modeller Screen Shots
Dynamic Network Services, Inc. -- DynDNS -- Welcome
tomcatPlugin / eclipse / SYSDEO - Sysdeo
QuantumDB Eclipse Plugin JadClipse - Eclipse plugin
EclipseME Home Page
Eclipse plugin: Copy Fully Qualified Class Name
Eclipse platform plugin
Become an Eclipse hotkey showoff - Java World
Tor: An anonymous Internet communication system
Open Clip Art Library :: :: Drawing Together.
No-IP - Dynamic DNS, Static DNS for Your Dynamic IP
MARC: Mailing list ARChives
CdCat - Hyper's CD Catalog
Converts ASCII art to digital images - Home
Graphical crontab editor
Ekiga ~ Free your speech.
KDar homepage
LSAT home page
mp3 and ogg splitter - mp3splt project home page
The Tube - The London Underground
Web Developer | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation
Sage | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation
LinkChecker | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation
Dive Into Greasemonkey
Forecastfox | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation
Download Manager Tweak | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation
ColorZilla | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation
Adblock | Firefox Add-ons | Mozilla Corporation
Jepp - Java Embedded Python
When Runtime.exec() won't - Java World
» Cheat Sheet Round-Up: Ajax, CSS, LaTeX, Ruby… | Smashing Magazine | modern magazine for web-designers and developers
O'Reilly Network -- Open Tools for MySQL Administrators
Car Rental Cape Town - Car Hire South Africa - 4x4 Hire Africa
Cheap car hire UK, Europe & worldwide from novacarhire
HOW-TO: Get videos and DVDs onto your Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) for free - Engadget
Ten Most Used BitTorrent Sites Compared - The Projects of Steven DeGraeve
Main Page - HardInfo
Free Open FTP Face - by Jeffrey Bakker
Main Page - LincityWiki
Qxmp media player - Home VirgoFTP
Games Knoppix
Using User Private Groups - O'Reilly ONLamp Blog
- - Official Bluesfear Worm -
longest pic on internet - the specialists in dance music mp3 download -- Don't Let Hibernate Steal Your Identity
Linux Quick Hacks
The TCP/IP Guide - Table Of Contents
What's your time zone?
Java Default Timezone Issue Under Fedora Redhat Linux
Various ways of setting timezone used by java on linux
Spanish Immersion School, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Learn Spanish Free Online Through OuterSpanish | How to convert YouTube videos to DivX or XviD
Convert flash to divx or xvid
Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial - A Beginner's handbook
freenigma gmbh
craigslist: amsterdam classifieds for jobs, apartments, personals, for sale, services, community, and events | CLI Magic: Enhance your YouTube viewing pleasure -- Untwisting Python Network Programming
Welcome to iSkoot - authentieke hotels en landhuizen
Special holidays, accommodation etc. -- Speeding up Linux Using hdparm
Seven simple reasons to use AppFuse
The Frosty Mug Revolution: MySQL Backup Script
Windows-to-Linux roadmap: Overview -- Ant 1.7: Using Antlibs
Practical XML Schema
SQuirreL SQL Client Home Page Learn the Linux command line. Write shell scripts.
UNIX File Permissions Tutorial
Top 10 Web Developer Libraries - Cameron Olthuis
Linux Game Publishing
LinuxGames - For the People
[] - Welcome
DNA Lounge: Source Code: Diskless Linux Kiosks
Kannel: Open Source WAP and SMS Gateway
Third Party Modules for Webmin
IEs 4 Linux - Internet Explorers for Linux
SimplytheBest Scripts Java and USB
frequently used SSL and keytool commands
IBM HTTP ServerTMVersion 2.0.47
Unlimited MP3 Downloads - Download Ringtones, Download MP3s & Download Music at Wippit
Ajax for Java developers: Exploring the Google Web Toolkit Kickstarting Google Web Toolkit on the Client Side
ScatterChat | Synergy: One keyboard (and mouse) to rule them all
Send mouse and keyboard commmands from one machine to another
Suse 10.1. Repositories and HOWTO - | Disk usage analysis and cleanup tools
Split and Reassemble files -
Frank's Corner, Running Windows applications and games on Linux using Wine
How to use Subversion with Eclipse
Overview of EasyUbuntu
Slashdot | WxPython in Action
Measuring resources for a MySQL server on Linux - O'Reilly Databases | NSpluginwrapper: A cross-architecture browser plugin tool - english version » SSH tricks
Index of /maven2
Using prototype.js
EclipsePlugins : details for the QuickREx - regular expressions Eclipse plugin (Tools - Editor Enhancements)
Regular Expression Tester Professional - Regex Tutorial, Examples and Reference - Regexp Patterns
Regular Expression Library | Ten tips for new Ubuntu users
Solving common Java EE performance problems
The Grinder, a Java Load Testing Framework
Chapter 3. What's new in Spring 2.0?
GWT Components - GWT Component Library
Colors on the Web - Color Theory for web designers - color combination, color wheel, color schemes - Comparison Shopping Beyond Compare
Python Imaging Library (PIL)
NTPPoolServers - NTP
mpirical companion
SimpleBits | CSS Centering 101
A List Apart: Articles: Practical CSS Layout Tips, Tricks, & Techniques
rsync Developing AJAX Applications the Easy Way
Chapter 7. Codecs
Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide
Kompare - Different from the rest
Meld : Home Page | rated o for old skool
Eclipse Plugin Central :: Eclipse plugin resource center and marketplace for Eclipse and Plugin Ecosystem
alphaWorks : IBM Toolkit for MPEG-4 : Overview Powersave
ImageMagick: Convert, Edit, and Compose Images
CipherDyne (Port Scan Attack Detector)
GWhere - Just what you are looking for Django for non-programmers -- Creating a Dual-Boot Windows XP and Ubuntu Laptop
PSP Emulation News PSP Gaming PSP Hardware PSP Homebrew PSP hacking Playstation Portable PSP movies PSP consoles PSP Shop Buy Preoder PSP Here | CLI Magic: Bash complete
NewsForge | Transcoding and streaming DVD films with VLC media player
ASCII — Ascii - Java Generics FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions - Angelika Langer Training/Consulting
Realtime Form Validation Using AJAX
Character Conversions from Browser to Database | Convert any video file to DVD with open source tools
Enterprise Java Community: Spring Loaded Observer Pattern -- Installing Software on Debian
Migrating EJB 2.1 Entity and Session Beans to EJB 3.0 | The Register
ThinkFree Online Review at ExtremeTech
The Observer | OMM | Site and sound
Hack Attack: Become a Gmail master - Lifehacker - ftp client comparison table
Update: Java FTP libraries benchmarked
Over 100 Quick and Easy Healthy Foods -
GameSpot:Video Games PC Xbox 360 PS3 Revolution PSP DS PS2 PlayStation 2 GameCube GBA PlayStation 3
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for PSP Cheats - Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Codes - Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Cheat Codes, FAQs, Walk-Throughs, Hints
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories FAQs - Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Walkthroughs - Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Guides
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Walkthrough - IGN FAQs - Covering Liberty City Stories Since 2004!
GPass: GNOME Password Manager
htop - an interactive process-viewer for Linux | My sysadmin toolbox -- Integrating Ant with Eclipse, Part 2
JSP XML CheatSheet
HOWTO List - RimuHosting
Automatix (Automated GUI installation script) - Ubuntu Forums | Linux thumbnail viewers - web 2.0 javascript | Shuffle your music the smart way
Subtitles for Divx and DVD - Forums - Compiling JSP
A CVS Book
TurboGears: Front-to-Back Web Development
Django | The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines
jarFinder jar database - solve classpath errors fast
Insecure.Org - Nmap Free Security Scanner, Tools & Hacking resources
Colorer-take5 library - andrew lucking - software developer, amateur boatbuilder, bon vivant | CLI Magic: ifup, ifdown, ifstatus
Grahamstown Handbook Inside Class Loaders: Debugging
Sun Java System Message Queue - Java Message Service (JMS)
Duplicate File Finder for Linux | CLI Magic: Use top to monitor PCs across a network
Lingo - Home (jms remoting for pojos)
Java Message Service Tutorial
Message Driven POJOs revisited (JMS for Pojos using spring and activMQ)
Message Driven POJOs (JMS for Pojos using spring and activMQ)
1-2-3 messaging with Spring JMS
OpenJMS - OpenJMS
Byte Monkey :: Spring and JMS (OpenJMS) Twelve Best Practices For Spring XML Configurations | SARA, spawn of SATAN | CLI Magic: OpenSSH + Bash
Hibernate: Ensuring Initialized Association Paths
JavaScript Navigation and Menus JavaScript/Scripts JavaScript/Web_Sites
JavaScript Source: Free JavaScripts, Tutorials, Example Code, Reference, Resources, And Help
CGI :: Free JavaScripts
Venkman JavaScript Debugger project page
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