Llangollen by narrowboat

Martin at the helm

Stephen hangs with a dragon

Green light of forest

Our floating home for the week

Team Tormund change the water

A pint of intoxicating liquor please

Welsh countryside

Bridge number ?

Fields of green

Team Tormun tackle a lock

The first aqueduct we crossed

Martin looking like a Roman conqueror (or not)

Sarah, MD, Stephen, 3/4 of the happy family

Babbling brook

The Tormund

Ducks everywhere

View while crossing the 2nd aqueduct

14 tons of metal, 40 metres in the air

Crossing a river, while on a floating river

The end point of the journey, the Welsh town of Llangollen

Wicked restuarant in Llangollen

Llangollen, pretty innit?

Say that 3 times fast after a pint of bitters

MD and Sarah at horseshoe falls

Friendly duck that had the hots for Martin

Country lane

Stephen provides us with the grand finale