War Memorial

The main drag in Piatra Neamt

Beginnings of a street party

Typical garden (note the wine-making vines)

Benzinaire anyone?

A trolleybus, like Jozi in the 80's!

Transylvanian Bank, where Dracula guards the vaults

View over Piatra Neamt

Brett gives us the eye

The infamous "12th floor"

A trip into the mountains

Romanian countryside

Nice lil' river

MD at the "red" lake

Ol Skool stylee

Sander and Brett and the dam wall

Typical Romanian country church

MD and the mountain pass

Town hall signing ceremony

Here comes the bride (and groom)

Outside the town hall, after the official signing

Fascinating graveyard on outskirts of Piatra Neamt

Graveyard (for German Jews)

More graves

11am, let's start drinking wine!

MD and Brett, bad boys run tings

Scout, Ferry & Arianne in the church

Const and Mihaela

Inside the church

Wedding ceremony


Gold framed paintings

Nancy & MD

The wedding keyboardist rocks on

More to drink, Nickel?

Sander and the cheese snacky things

Cut that cake (5am)


Throw your hands in the air, wave 'em like you just don't care

[Thanks to Sander and Nickel for the extra pics]