Various spots in Holland


Gouda townhall

Townhall from the other side

MD and the reason for the Gouda pilgrimage-kaas!

Gouda coat of arms

Rosa & a gracht

Canal house

Typical Dutch architecture

Gouda windmill

Appelscha (Friesland)

Dutch "desert"

Rosa, MD and Meriam

Appelscha heather

View over Appelscha "desert"
South Holland - Roermond & Maastricht

Church in the center of Maastricht

Main square in Maastricht

Looking across the river Maas

Quaint square in Maastricht

Old city walls of Maastricht (cannons to keep the Belgians away!)

Maastricht at night during December

Roermond town square

Church in Roermond

Main church for Limburg area in Roermond
Bloemendaal and surroundings

Sunny houseboat out in the country

Country house near Zandvoort

Bike path between Zandvoort and Amsterdam

Maurine, Sufyan & Anne chilling at Beachbop at Bloemendaal

Sunset at Bloemendaal
Ice-skating in the country

Kilometres of freshly frozen ice

MD and Nickel

Dutch winter setting

Frozen lake at sunset

Leiden town square

Leiden - festive looking spot in a prime summer location

Cool canal bridge in Leiden

Windmill in Leiden
Makkum & Alkmaar

MD in Makkum

Stephen in Makkum

Alkmaar cheese market

Bring on the cheese in Alkmaar

Alkmaar tower

Maurine flosses with her ride, but all I want to see is her license?

Field near Vleuten - this is the Dutch countryside in a nutshell

Forest near Vleuten