Munchen and the mountains 2003

Mountains South of Munchen

The air up there...

Trees don their autumn colours

Up in ze mountain

And the path goes on...

Blue water way below

View from the top (nearly)

The way back down

MD and MD snr. in a very German spot
Munchen and Oktoberfest 2001

Martin tucking into some weisswurst like a good German

Marienplatz & the distinctive Frauenkirche

MD at Marientplatz

Martin at the Theatiner Kirche

Leiderhosen - gotta love 'em

Oktoberfest crowd with Pantheon in background

Free Fall ride, a nice warm up

The Eurostar rollercoaster - loads of corkscrew turns

Martin and MD with a pair of German-sized beers

Oktoberfest warms up

One of many giant beer halls

Inisde the Hofbrau tent

Too much Oktoberfest for these two...

The ride I nearly lost my dinner on

Oktoberfest at night

Loop your way through the Olympic flag