Berlin & Love Parade 2001

Berliner Dom at Lustgarten

Berliner Dom

MD at the Victory Tower (a place NOT to park your car before the Love Parade)

Potsdamer Platz at night

Potsdamer Platz at night

Old Museum on the Museum Island

Rote Rathaus

Square in East Berlin

The rebuilt dome of the Reichstag

Inside the Reichstag dome

Inside of the Reichstag dome, great view outside too

Jeanette, our gracious German host

Marco, Lydie, Maurine, Sander - on the way to the Love Parade

"I'm forever blowing bubbles..."

Love Parade float

Love Parade float

Love Parade float

Quite a few party people in the place hey?

Some people will go anywhere to get some attention

Crowd and floats

Another Love Parade float (there were about 50 of these mobile parties

The Aliens come out at night

Victory Tower again, a VERY different scene from the previous afternoon

Love Parade float - join the Love Republic

Love Parade at night

The freaks come out at night too

Nice artistic night shot huh?

Shake that ass mama

Sander's head, and loadsa people

Andre takes a moment to gather his senses in the park

Andre and Sander taking a break from the crowds

Love Paraders taking a breather

Sander and Marco

Park later that evening, more tired people

MD hanging with the Berlin bear