Spring 2003

MD and Rosa in front of the Sacre Coeur

The Sacre Coeur

Paris - concrete jungle

Gargoyle overlooking the city

MD, Rosa & Meg chilling in an African-styled Parisian bar

Rosa, Da Schwartz & Meg doing the Franco-Dutch picnic thang

Centre Pompidou - museum of modern art

Place de l'Hotel de Ville

Da Schwartz & Meg on the Pont des Arts


Notre Dame

Louvre courtyard

Autumn 2001

MD chilling in Paree

Notre Dame

Maurine being hassled by Eastern Europian beggars

It ain't all good - homeless on the side of the Seine

Seine river view

Seine river, Effiel tower in background


Buildings along side of Seine

Place de la Concorde with Obelisk of Luxor

Obelisk of Luxor closeup

MD with Champ Elysses and Arc de Triomph in background

Arc de Triomph and a big-ass French flag

Paris view from Arch

Paris view from Arch

Paris view from Arch

La Defense - more modern side of Paris

Eiffel Tower (duh!)

Pont Alexandre III

Old school cobbled square by Les Invalides

Picturesque lil' park

Les Invalides - housing Napolean's tomb

MD and the Tower

Paris view from top of tower

Paris view from top of tower