Tro-tro (similar concept to South African taxis)

Typical road-side scene

Slave castle at Cape Coast

Pick up a slave and some rice while you're at it

Cannons to keep the Brits/Dutch/Portuguese out (depending on the current castle owner)

Fishing boats

From the inside looking out

Cape Coast

Fish drying

More fish drying

Rosa on the beach

Slave exit from Elmina castle (door of no return)

Elmina castle

Top of Samo guest house

Cape Coast

Samo guest house, Cape Coast

MD drinking some ABC

Our accommodation in Kakum national park

MD 40 metres up

Africa's only canopy walk

Rosa and MD

Kakum canopy walk

Kakum canopy walk

Interesting shaped termite mounds

Beach at Axim

Colourful bar in Takoradi

MD in the back of a tro-tro

Tro-tro window

Fishing boat at Winneba

Red-red (gari beans and plaintain), delicious, I promise!

Vibrant looking bar in Winneba

God Rules! Taxi in Accra

One of Accra's marketplaces

Dizzy, Franko, Starzy and Rosa eating an impromptu yam dinner

MD and Sly

Dizzy on the Djembe